We believe in email

We believe in email

We are convinced that no company can exist without email. You need to stay in touch with your customers and it is impossible to do this customer friendly without sending emails. It is of utmost importance to make sure your emails are secure when sent and you need the recipient to be able to read the email directly, without distractions or unwieldy login procedures. Because if the recipient experiences hassle in opening the email, the message did not come through.

Because secure email was not available, we decided to make our own solution. We managed to keep all technology away from the sender and recipient. We are proud to have managed this. We use privacy by design and highly innovative cloud technology. The result is no digital traces anywhere and no limits on volumes we can process. We want a secure digital world, we believe that it is possible and we demonstrate this every day for our customers, but more importantly for their customers. Because email is a joint effort and responsibility.

About us

Technicians with body and soul

Wild about technology and innovation and a sharp eye for cyber security. That’s how you recognize our technical support. They're hidden from plain view because we think it is important to be able to think hard and long about beautiful technical solutions.

Specialists in information security

Customer support is done by very social and vibrant specialists. You can reach them easily by telephone and the email responses are very quick. Legal knowledge, IT knowledge and extensive experience in information security is brought to the table to advise you and make sure your demands are met in a satisfactory way.

Reliable solution

We like to get to know our customers in depth, to be able to offer a reliable solution for secure email.

What do our customers appreciate about us?

Secumail is very involved in integrating the solution with our systems and stayed in close contact until all issues were resolved. Full service!

Healthcare organization

It might sound a bit strange but we're actually quite proud that the solution is invisible to our customers. It means it is working behind the scenes, not bothering our staff or our customers.

Law firm

Finally we have a solution to keep sending our financial advices by email. Most of our customers want to be informed by us via email, with Secumail we can continue this service to our customers, without risk of data breaches.

Pension fund

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